Buy Your Next Home With HomeMaxi

Buy Your Next Home With HomeMaxi. If a good location, no surprises, and a fantastic price are on your list, then we are your extra set of eyes, ears, and muscles that can deliver on your wish list.

The journey we take when buying a Home

Most buyers are very different in their home search journey, and for good reasons. Buying the first home is more stressful than buying the second or third home. Being pressured by a new job and relocation causes many more questions about an area than those looking to upgrade in the same neighborhood. At HomeMaxi, we have seen it all, and you can rest assured we will acknowledge your specific situation and priorities.

Searching for homes on budget

Establish a budget

You should work out a budget before shopping for a home to avoid disappointment. A good start is to get pre-approval from your mortgage lender. A pre-approval where the lender issues a conditional commitment is better than a pre-qualification only based on your numbers. A pre-approval gives you the maximum price you can afford.

To get a better feeling for how high you can go in price, try our mortgage calculator, which will give you a good insight into the different elements that go into the lender approval and your own affordability considerations.

Start your search

Start your search here on HomeMaxi’s website. First, create your free account, so you can “favorite” homes you like. Favorites make it easy to go back and compare. Secondly, you can create advanced searches that will notify you by email when new homes are listed and fit your criteria. Create a new account or login to your existant account here

Finding homes
Agent showing homes

Work with us

HomeMaxi is ready to go the entire distance with you. In addition, we often have access to additional information you need to make wise decisions. So check us out, and feel free to contact whoever you would like to be on your side. HomeMaxi agents.

You found your home - now what?

So you have the preferred home in front of you. Now is the time to ask a few questions and calculate a few things to ensure you get the best deal. For example, is this a move-in ready home where you have no expenses whatsoever, or is it a home that needs a lot of renovation to bring it up to just an average home? For most buyers, it’s not entirely transparent if they are getting a good deal or not. HomeMaxi has created a calculator that will help you put your new home into a financial perspective compared to the neighborhood you are considering. Check it out here.

Home for sale

You signed the contract - What's Next?

Your new home goes pending when both seller and buyer sign the purchase agreement. At this time, the title office enters into the transaction. Buyer escrow is paid to the title office, and the buyer’s contingencies will be handled in the following days and weeks. Typically, you as a buyer request an inspection period where a home inspector comes to your home to verify everything is in order.

Your HomeMaxi realtor is with you all the way. We will attend all meetings and inspections, i.e., home inspectors, surveyors, and others needed during your diligence period.

In the meantime, the Title Office works through the case and issues title insurance, securing mortgage documents are in order. The cash part of the purchase price together with expenses need to be trasfered to the title office in due time for the closing to succeed. Then the parties finally meet to sign all documents. After this, you receive the keys to your new home.

You have successfully bought your house!

Receiving key to our new home