Listings presentations

Deciding to list your property and perhaps biggest asset for sale is a big decision. Your choice of real estate professional will have lasting impact on your result. There are several areas where your agent need to have expertise. 

Here we will make a point on one of your biggest assets if not the biggest. Let us ask you this. Where does a diamond have the highest perceived value? Is it in a high end stylish Diamond Boutique on 5th Ave or on a table at a garage sale among screwdrivers, children clothes and old utensils?

You will probably agree best price can be achieved on 5th Ave. The same with properties. It’s all about marketing and presentation of the property. It needs to be in the best possible setting. That’s why you need a professional presentation!

Here are links to a few of our past presentations that has helped elevate the perceived value of the property listed. The competition is as strong as ever and everybody can get their home on the internet. Only few can make properties stand out.

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