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Numerous reasons can cause the decision to sell your home. For most, it is the start of a challenging time where big decisions must be taken. Organizing the process can make this journey more pleasant. Guidance from a trusted and experienced advisor like HomeMaxi can help maximize your financial result and secure a smooth and timely transaction.

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How much money will I end up with?

Many sources predict or guess your home’s value, from out-of-state players with no local experience to automated algorithms based on in-experienced programmers. Unfortunately, all seem to have an uneducated opinion on calculating the value of your home. Needless to say, it comes down to local experience. 

The most precise valuation is a Broker’s Price Opinion, which considers the actual buyers in the market. Also, the competition from similar homes listed in the area, what has sold recently, and the general economic situation influence the actual value.

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For Sale Checklist

Prepare to Sell

After receiving the valuation report, you know more about what lies ahead and how the financial picture is coming together. Then, it’s time to connect with your local expert.
You want to meet with your realtor to find out if this is the right match and, if so, what is the best next step.
When we meet, you will want to get more information about the following

  1. What do I need to do to maximize the selling price of my home
  2. What repairs, if any, offer a great return on investment
  3. What improvements will yield more return than they cost
  4. How can HomeMaxi help finance renovation costs before I sell and close
  5.  What will influence the time on the market until a buyer makes an offer

When selling, there are common areas to consider: de-cluttering, deep cleaning, cosmetic renovations, landscaping, kitchen and/or bathroom renovation, appliance upgrades, and staging. These are the most common areas influencing the price and time to sell your property.

At HomeMaxi, we have the expertise and experience from new construction, major renovation projects, and successful selling of hundreds of homes throughout our 40+ years combined experience in real estate.

With HomeMaxi, you are dealing with a local brokerage that is here for you. We do not answer to a corporate office in another state and do not add costs for you to pay, such as franchise contribution fees or closing fees. All these fees have many names but are all non-existent with Home Maxi. You only pay the agreed commission at closing.

Should I sell to one of the "instant offer" buyers?

Think about it for a second. When you sell to anyone offering you an instant offer, it’s not because Mr./Ms. “Instant Offer” move into your house the next day. No, they take your home onto their books. They expect a good profit after all their expenses are paid. Their costs also cover a buyer’s realtor, who eventually sells your home to a retail buyer. It all adds up. Just think about two times title office fees and two times doc stamps to the state paid before a retail buyer moves in. Who do you think is paying for all the extra? You are right if you think it’s you, the seller.

As demonstrated by Zillow, the online listing portal, the model didn’t work, and they stopped buying homes altogether. The few “Instant Buying” entities left fight more than ever to find unaware sellers ready to sell 20% or more below a realistic sales price.

Instead, listing once with a Realtor in the free market brings the maximum of retail buyers to your house. Retail buyers who plan to move in without extra intermediaries and unnecessary expenses. This is the only way to secure the best bottom line for you, the seller.

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Your Home is listed everywhere

Your Home is listed everywhere

Today’s real estate market differs from just a few years back. For example, the MLS system instantly secures your listing to be shared among hundreds of websites. 

When you list with HomeMaxi, your home will be listed prominently on as well as websites such as Zillow, ReMax, Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams,, Compass, Redfin, Century 21, EXP Realty, and many many more. 

What makes a difference is the listing creation. Pictures, storylines, and video presentations are all the most important. Buyers are looking through hundreds of homes in the area they research, and it is the first picture that makes a buyer either click on the listing or go to the next home. 

This is an area HomeMaxi excels. Our listings are among the homes that is getting the most attention and are selling the fastest and for the best price. We do not collect listings for our book and website. Instead, we sell for a better price. This is what solid local experience means for your success.

We are here for you 24/7.

Your Home Is Distributed onto Thousands of Real Estate Web Sites In Minutes

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Your Home is now Pending - What's Next?

Your house goes pending when both seller and buyer sign the purchase agreement. At this time, the title office enters into the transaction. Buyer escrow is paid to the title office, and the buyer’s contingencies will be handled in the following days and weeks. Typically, buyers request an inspection period where a home inspector comes to your home to verify everything is in order.

Your realtor is with you all the way. We will attend all meetings with buyers and buyers vendors, i.e., home inspectors, surveyors, and others needed for buyer’s inspection.

In the meantime, the Title Office works through the case and issues title insurance, securing a possible mortgage, and the parties finally meet to sign all documents. After this, the title office distributes the proceeds to the seller, generally by check or bank transfer, to the seller’s account.

You have successfully sold your house!

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